Our Core Value

What began with small building and a dream has grown — 7 years later — into one of the largest construction companies in West Java, Indonesia. We build. We mine. We shape the landscape and create energy solutions. And we do it all with integrity, never compromising our ethics.

PKU as a General Contractor promotes Value Engineering & Innovative Solutions for their Customer, one of Technology is Pre-Engineered Structures (PES) System, an innovative product in construction, part of Engineered Pre Fabricated Construction.

Integrated product under one responsibility. We always offer a product in one scheme, starting from design, calculation, fabrication and erection / installation.

PEB Local Company. We are here for you, we are close to you. It is easier to maintain your building and to response quickly on whatever you need whether a consultation or an extension or immediate repair of your building.

Architecture Aspect. We can offer a curve building, very wide span building without internal column/pillar and all architecture requirements.

Equipments Support. Petrolog provides lifting equipments and services, such as crawler mobile cranes and earth moving equipment. By applying the Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental (QHSE) policy, Petrolog is confident to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s performance.

Petrolog Konstruksi Utama Cares. Our technical team interacts directly with clients – significantly reducing response time; when you come to us, you know you are in good hands.

Petrolog Konstruksi Utama was committed to making sure that every deal was honest and fair. He understood the need for a strong ethical culture and impeccable reputation. His commitment is embodied in our core values of People, Integrity, Excellence, and Stewardship. Along with the expected behaviors, these values are our Business Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Daily business pressures can be intense. Our core values are a helpful first resource that reminds us of our commitment to business ethics and helps us understand how to do the right thing at work and encourage others to do the same.

At PETROKU, employees routinely live the company’s core values and expected behaviors. It’s just the way our culture works. However, when employees are going above and beyond, modeling and exemplifying the best of what our values represent, it’s important that we recognize those actions and deeds. One of the ways we do this is through our company’s core values coins. It’s not just about the coins you receive, but also the ones you can give to others to recognize the behaviors we want everyone in the company to model. For more information on obtaining core values coins for recognizing those on your projects or teams, visit the PETROKU Company Office.


Company culture, strong leadership, industry-leading benefits and an unparalleled commitment to training and development are just a few of the reasons Petrolog Konstruksi Utama is a great place to work.

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