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PT. Petrolog Indah

The company is an offshoot of PT Petrolog Indah which was founded in October 1974, one of a few specialists that deals with heavy lift handling operations, with its fleet of cranes, trailers and forklifts. It also provides full base mangement and logistic services in the oil industry, with all support services such as labour and maintenance. PT Petrolog Indah has now becomes one of Indonesia’s most successful logistic, lifting and heavy transportation equipment service company to oil and gas, geothermal, mining and general industries.

telp: (021) 720 0540 | fax: (021) 726 2302

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PT. Schenker Petrolog Utama

PT. Schenker Petrolog Utama (SPU) is a DB/Deutch Banh German – Indonesian joint venture in freight forwarding and logistics with a network of over 1.100 locations in 107 countries, which provides a specialized service in logistic support for oil and gas project and offers a comprehensive management concept and most suitable solution for all kind of logistics support, we have established joint working together with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia for logistic services with using train transportation system.

telp: (021) 788 43 788 | fax: (021) 788 33 369

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PT. Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri

PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri (Petrolog MUM) is a leading sole agent importer and distributor for some superior industrial products, energy management system tools and services, supplying to the oil and gas companies, petrochemical as well as general industries and infrastructure, which cover almost all kinds, including food and beverage industries, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and also construction companies. It focuses on providing excellent service to its customers, and does not compromise on its high level of service.

Telp. +62 21 8991 4837

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PT. Petrolog Harapan Abadi Semesta

PT. Petrolog Harapan Abadi Semesta (PHAS) is a freight forwarder and a land transportation company operating in the inner island of Batam, Indonesia. It provides handling and transport service from unloading containers or cargo at Batam's port to delivery to warehouse or right at factory's door, and vice versa. The company also provides warehouse facilities.

telp: (0778) 411 856/7 | fax: (0778) 411 855

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